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Nov. 24, 2017 (BERLIN) — The Good Technology Collective (GTC), a new European think-tank addressing ethical issues in technology, will officially open its doors in Berlin on Dec. 15.

The grand opening will kick off at 7:30PM (CET) at Soho House Berlin and run until 2:00AM.

Founded by a group of technology enthusiasts led by 1aim co-founders Torben Friehe and Yann Leretaille, the GTC will serve as a crucial European forum for piloting technological advances in the 21st century. Through its Expert Council, it will bring together leading founders, engineers, scientists, journalists, and activists, who will research, generate conversation around, and offer counsel as to the societal impact of AI, virtual reality, Internet of Things, and data surveillance.

“We believe that there are ethical questions concerning how frontier technologies will affect our daily lives,” Leretaille said. “As a society, Europe deserves broad and accessible discussions of these issues, hosted by those who appreciate, understand, and worry about them the most.”

At the event, Friehe will host two in-depth hour-long fireside chats with Expert Council members Annie Machon and Anke Domscheit-Berg to discuss their lives and careers in data activism.

Machon, a former MI5 counterintelligence officer, resigned from the British secret service in the 1990s and went on the run after blowing the whistle on criminality within the UK intelligence agencies. She is an outspoken international voice against state surveillance and data collection.

Domscheit-Berg, an activist and member of Germany’s parliament with the Die Linke party, was raised in Eastern Germany where she was surveilled by the Stasi, the state security service. She has dedicated her professional life to educating the public about digitization and surveillance together with her husband Daniel Domscheit-Berg, the former spokesperson of WikiLeaks.

“We’re excited to finally open our doors,” Friehe said. “After our launch, we will hold bimonthly panels and roundtables, and also develop longer term educational initiatives aimed at informing younger generations about AI, algorithms, and data privacy – starting in Germany at the outset.”

For Those Interested in Attending:

Invitations are limited for the grand opening. Those interested in attending should send an e-mail with their first and last name, title, place of work, telephone number and contact e-mail to:; or, fill in the invitation form.

Personalized digital invitations will be sent to confirm submitted and approved requests.

About the Good Technology Collective:

 Detailed information on the GTC can be found here: Or by contacting GTC spokesperson Cy Leclercq at:

 Supporting Statements:

“Ethical questions need to be addressed with frontier technologies, such as AI, algorithms, and virtual reality, as they redefine the industrial landscape and reshape how consumers interact with products and businesses,” Elena Shifrina, the founder of BioFoodLab, said. “It is imperative for companies to be ethically accountable as they engage these technologies. Ethics must not be an afterthought. The GTC will help drive this conversation forward from the Thames to the Urals.”

About: BioFoodLab is a healthy snacks startup and e-commerce platform, with sales in 15 countries worldwide, including Russia, the UK, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Founder and CEO Elena Shifrina is a former fashion model and the most well-known young entrepreneur in the alternative economy in Russia and the former Soviet Union.

“Algorithms drive an increasing percentage of our world. It is critically important to have European institutions such as the Good Technology Collective that educate our peers and younger generations about how data gathering and machine learning work. Only by doing so can we ensure that we continue to exercise control over our decision-making power as human beings, and that the relationship between those who control algorithms and those most affected by them is an accountable one.”

About: Paul Armstrong is the founder of HERE/FORTH, a technology advisory that helps clients like PwC, Coca-Cola, O2 and P&G understand trends and how to apply emerging technologies strategically and sensibly. The author of “Disruptive Technologies,” he regularly writes for Forbes, Reuters, Guardian and Cool Hunting.