The Good Technology Collective held its first Ethics + Engineering Event in Berlin on April 18, with the support of Metro and Berlin Lean Prototyping.

The GTC’s first major project for 2018 will be to prepare its Ethical Engineering Guidelines, a list of questions and rules that engineers should consult when developing technologies and products. We hope that they will ultimately become a technology industry standard in Europe. Drafting the guidelines will be a collaborative effort among technology creators across Europe.

As part of the process, the GTC will hold monthly Ethics+Engineering, Pizza and Beer events in Berlin starting in April, where engineers and founders can discuss the role of ethics in technology. Feedback from these events will be compiled for future use as the basis for our engineering guidelines.

The first event was a real smash! Over 25 experts from in and around the European technology ecosystem participated in the event. We look forward to seeing you at our next meet-up! Stay tuned for further details!