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GTC holds second Data&Drinks event

The GTC and MeetUpAI hosted a Data&Drinks event on Aug. 1.

GTC kicks off new media partnership

The GTC launches editorial partnership with

GTC sponsors launch event of new Germany-China AI group

The GTC has sponsored the launch of the German-Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence.

GTC hosts second MeetUpAI event in Berlin

The GTC hosted the second MeetUpAI event in Berlin.

GTC sponsors data science project to help diagnose malaria

The GTC has partnered with AiScope to combat malaria.

GTC founding member partakes in AI debate for Berliner Zeitung

GTC Founding Member Torben Friehe takes part in Berliner Zeitung debate on the future of AI.

GTC holds first Data&Drinks event

The GTC and MeetUpAI hosted a Data&Drinks event on July 4.

GTC hosts first MeetUpAI event in Berlin

The GTC has hosted the first MeetUpAI event in Berln.

GTC brings MeetUpAI to Berlin

We’re pleased to announce our partnership with MeetUpAI.

The Case for Berlin’s Claim as Europe’s Startup Capital

Berlin is working hard to become Europe’s new startup capital.

Facebook! Stop sending us lobbyists! demands European Parliament

The European Parliament is sick and tired of Facebook refusing to properly answer its questions.

EU is livestreaming Zuck’s hearing — reluctantly

It’s a bad sign Zuck only wants to answer questions behind closed doors.

GTC sponsors grand opening in Berlin

The GTC is proud to sponsor the grand opening of in Berlin.

GTC member writes about Katapult Fest in Forbes

Paul Armstrong of the GTC writes about Katapult Fest for Forbes.

Cambridge Analytica might finally make Brussels care about data privacy

We all want to know: What the hell has Facebook done with our data?

GTC holds ethics-in-tech event in Berlin

GTC holds ethics-in-tech event with the support of Metro in Berlin.

Europe wants to tackle fake news — if it could only define it first

The EU still has a long way to go to defeat fake news.

EU’s new copyright law will effectively create censorship machines

This is one of those political-tech debates that could turn nasty.

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