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Press Release: New ‘ethics in tech’ think-tank to open in Berlin on Dec. 15

The GTC will officially open its doors in Berlin on Dec. 15.

EU’s new copyright law will effectively create censorship machines

This is one of those political-tech debates that could turn nasty.

EU new anti-geoblocking law doesn’t apply across board

The vote had barely been taken before the self congratulations started.

AI sex dolls are just around the corner

Soon the Stepford Wives of sci-fi will be real thanks to AI magic.

How much autonomy is too much for AI?

Who will be the servant and who will be the master? 

Democracy should be blockchainified

Blockchain is the answer to our democracy woes.

Bodega and the problem with disruption

Bodega shows tech startups have a lack of cultural sensitivity.

Reining in the dastardly algorithms trying to control our lives

Will AI ultimately help us make better decisions?

AI can make justice truly blind — but not just yet

Will AI make the justice system fairer, or even more flawed?

Weaponized AI ushers in the Terminator era

Soon it will be too late to turn back the tide of AI in modern warfare

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