Navigating a path to good technology

Good Technology Distinguished Leadership Award

The Good Technology Collective (GTC) aims to contribute to the broader discussion around the role and effects of technology in an open, diverse and proactive manner. Our Global Council of Experts and Contributors was designed to bring together thought leaders from diverse spheres of technology to create a varied exchange of opinions on technology issues. These individuals have employed their skills, time and passion to develop good and accountable technology. But they still represent a minority of those who dedicate their lives to this cause around the world.

With this in mind, we have created the annual Good Technology Distinguished Leadership Award to recognize individuals who made a valuable contribution to technology through Entrepreneurship, Journalism and Activism. Their contributions mold and guide the debate concerning the importance, risks and overall impact of technology, and help us answer the question: “What is good technology?”

The inaugural GTC award will be presented in May 2018. The award ceremony will be held before a global audience of activist, government, business, and media stakeholders in Berlin.

To nominate a candidate for the award or for details, please contact us at:

Nominations should be submitted no later than December 2017.