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About us

The Good Technology Collective (GTC) is a crucial European forum for piloting and discussing the technology advances of the 21st century. Together with our expert leaders, we are working to better educate society about data privacy, AI, algorithms, ethics, and other frontier technologies.

Tech Leaders

Our Global Council of Experts and Contributors comprises over 25 experts in London, Brussels, Berlin, Moscow and elsewhere in Europe. We use our knowledge and practical experience in the government, nonprofit and private sectors to hone industry recommendations and educate the broader public.

Our Focus Areas

Artificial Intelligence

Working to ensure the creation of an ethical AI aligned with the core values of humankind

Data Privacy

Analyzing how governments, companies and organizations collect and use citizens’ data


Educating society on how algorithms function and examining their structure

Frontier Technologies

Promoting ethical reviews as integral to the process of developing new technologies


Dr. Kristinn Thorisson

Discusses how to avoid an automated weapons race.

Giovanni Buttarelli

Discusses future technology challenges and digital rights.

Joe McNamee

Discusses European politics and the threat to digital rights.

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